Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Same Vector, Victor

I am back home from a month of playing... er, working... at a Young Life camp in Minnesota. Thirty pleasant days on beautiful Pelican Lake in the midst of some funny, caring and hard-working folks. I feel as though I am ripping in two when I must finally pack up my belongings, sing my last song, and ultimately depart camp headed southeast on MN Highway 59 exiting Otter Tail County. I've spent the past eight summers at this particular property and every year it is the same emotional bomb upon me -- my heart breaks and I sense that I am leaving something so very good, so true to the Kingdom, and authentic. The end of each summer brings tears to my eyes, and this year was no exception. I cried spontaneously from Minnesota to Missouri. My first stop, after leaving camp, at the local gas station or McDonald's is usually a shock to my community-oriented system where I recall, as if slowly waking from a long dream, that the world is not nearly as friendly a place as I had hoped it would have grown up to be. Perhaps one day. I cry and I like friendly people, what can I say.

Home again, and time to get to cracking on the new album. Ben (Shive) is wrapping up production on a young lady's Christmas album, and then we shall get back to work on my as-yet-to-be-named album within the next week or two. That is, unless he fired me.

Thanks for staying tuned in despite my decrepit ability to provide any real news here. The Album Patronage is going well. We've got 50 wondrous folks signed up so far. Only 250 more to go to reach the goal of $15,000. If you're just tuning in for the first time, please read more about the Patronage, and ask any questions you might have. Thanks, folks. More to come.

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