Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Eric Peters Update

Announcing House Concert Tour
Eric's Original Artwork Available in Store
Birds of Relocation Update

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Eric's Original Artwork

House Concert Tour

Original Artwork for Sale

Dear Friends,
Greetings from an unseasonably mild Nashville, TN. Happy 2012.

Birds of Relocation Update:
Like most construction projects, recording for BoR has lagged behind my hoped-for schedule, but there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel. Ben's (Shive) touring schedule has been, and will be, super busy this winter/early spring, so though our work days will be minimal that doesn't mean things are at a complete standstill. After tracking (i.e., recording drums and bass) the first six songs before Thanksgiving, we were finally able to track the final four songs two weeks ago. We are set to record electric guitars early this week, and then I’ll begin recording vocals and background vocals (my favorite part) into early February with the talented Andy Gullahorn. Have I told you that I'm so very eager for you to hear the songs on Birds of Relocation? I am. Verily, verily so.

Original Artwork Available:
In addition to music, I have begun offering some of my original paintings (I paint) and photos (I'm a shutterbug). If you are interested, these are available (and for sale) in the webStore. Please check back there often as I will be continually posting new paintings, photos, and perhaps other various homemade crafts. Of course, CDs, t-shirts (adult and youth sizes), infant onesies, and combo deals are still available, too.
House Concert Tour:
This winter/spring/summer I am embarking on a house concert tour. Based on my experience this past fall on the Under The Radar Tour, I am very excited about the prospect. Curious? Here's the scoop:
- $150 fee (50% deposit due upon booking -> helps me book my travel).
- Hotel room (for privacy) is much preferred, but not a deal-breaker.
- A meal (preferably not cold gruel).
- I play my songs in your living room for you, your friends and neighbors.

Click here to Submit An Official Invitation. Laura Preston, booking agentess, will follow up with you ASAP to talk through booking a show in your area and will be able to provide specific details and coaching.

Website Facelift:
Finally, if you’ve visited www.ericpeters.net lately, you’ve no doubt noticed a most welcome new look. A huge thanks and cyber-hug to James Witmer of Grove City, PA for his hard, efficient and dedicated work in giving the ol’ website a new look. For those of you who still follow my rip-roaringly haphazard blogging skillz, we’ve moved all things “bloggy” over to my now-official blog: In The Middle of the Storm. Most recently, I’ve been posting some of my oddball poetry. Embrace the inner weirdo.


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Thursday, January 26, 2012

On Flight 1680 (A Poem)


 On flight 1680 to New Orleans
Steward gives usual pitch
No one bothers listen
Evidenced by Wall Street Journal’s twitch.

Intercom expounds on oxygen loss
Of flotation and emergency escape.
Why only one “A” in flotation
 Is a plague upon my brain.

No wonder so few listen,
If only out of respect
For even mild decorum requires
A dose of introspect.

 Hark! What if wings fall off
Or plane goes down in flames
Who shall manage exit rows
Or calm the panicked cage?

 Rivers far below are mixing
Violent cobalt and roiling brown
The land a meandering patchwork
That knits an earthen crown.

 I stand to answer nature’s call
Peer o’er headrests blue
Statue heads grey, coiffed or balding
Not one of us possessing clues.

 In career of singing songs
I cannot help but relate
For in the face of sheerest apathy
I die a little this way.

Monday, January 23, 2012

When Last I Saw My Toenail (A Poem)

All subjects are topical fodder.

When last I saw my toenail
Curled in cuticle bliss
It never occurred to this footlord
That life should come to this.

Smiling, bald and content
At the extremity of the piggy at home
Estranged from familial relations
An adolescent longing to roam.

Keratin remnant pale from shearing
     Where is remorse for its pruning?
     No grieving of reclusive lunar sliver
On La Quinta room floor brooding.

Have mercy on dorsal adornment
In jagged, refused state
Abandoned and searching the tangent
Of significance in world’s trampled space.

How we recoil at the spectre
Of bodily rejection in view
Disgusted by original origin
Pretending this is somehow new.

Some poems should never be written,
Thoughts desiring fields of light
But to the toenail I say
The grass is never greener on the other side.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Torn Asunder (or A Bizarre Dream)

An actual dream

Act One: I am learning to drive a semi with dad in my neighborhood in east Nashville. Trying to navigate a sharp corner, I roll over a portion of a homeowner's lawn, then get into an argument with him over knot-tying. "I don't know any knots," I tell him. "How am I supposed to tie a knot if you won't teach me?" I plead. He remains stubborn, refusing to help. Furious, my dad and I leave the scene (abandoning the semi, I suppose), and I make my way to Ramer's Grocery (a mom & pop store I worked at in my native Baton Rouge, LA) where I purchase a Baby Ruth candy bar for my dad.

Act Two: I am watching the removal of a maple tree that has fallen across the street landing in our backyard. At that moment, I am munching on, and enjoying, dog food. It is organic Purina. "This stuff is actually really good."

Act Three: Our neighbor directly across the street - not to be confused with the knot-tying arguer - is a single dad with an infant child. I find myself hostage in this man's house. After asking, he informs me, "Yes, you are welcome to leave," either by being torn asunder -- therefore my head "leaving" in one direction, my legs in another, my arms in another (you get the idea) -- or by avoiding and being devoured by the life-size dragon living in his backyard. When the deranged dad takes his kid for a walk in the stroller, I manage to escape and retreat into my house directly across the street. I lay low, watching him from an upstairs window, hoping my skedaddling would not soon be discovered.

Curtain closes.

I believe the culprit was a spicy Thai dinner earlier that evening.

Monday, January 2, 2012


It's a new year, and I've heard from quite a few folks for whom 2011 was rough. Shall we say "ha ha" to the old year together? I did this last year, very much enjoyed the exercise, so I thought I'd do it again. Here is my Things I'm Thankful For list of 2011.

1. Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors
2. Paints, blank canvases, #4 Filbert & #2 Bright brushes
3. Impressionism
4. Dave Trout and Under the Radar
5. The Under the Radar In Your House Tour (Fall 2011)
6. Extraordinary booking agentess, Laura Preston
7. Janie & Charlie Peters and Penny Ellis
8. House addition
9. New songs
10. A new album BiRDS OF RELOCATiON (coming soon)
11. Active, swirling creativity
12. Old pine wood siding
13. Kickstarter
14. Good Neighbor Lawncare
15. Common thieves who unwittingly awaken the very best in peopl
16. Al Andrews and Porter's Call
17. Jeff Eckert, PSYD
18. Danielle Ellis, Ellis Perrin and Monroe Carle