Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ad in Sept./Oct. '09 Relevant Magazine

Check out the massive ad for Chrome in the upcoming issue (with Jeff Tweedy/Wilco on the cover) of Relevant Magazine. Really amazing.

Many hatfuls of thanks to Larry of Hoboken, NJ for making this happen. Dude buys me primo ad space in a major magazine - full color no less - then treats me to dinner and a beer while he was in town on release day. I, in turn, hand him a $2 copy of Chrome in return. Seems like a weak trade to me. Grace is hard to accept, especially when you know you can't afford an equal or adequate gift in return.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One Week

Dear you:
Chrome officially releases in one week on 8/25/09. After that, I have no idea what to do with this blog. Since I'm obviously such a prolific writer, constantly twittering, full of ceaseless, rapid-fire information regarding all manner of things, I wondered if you might have, and offer, any suggestions as to what I should do with Middle Of The Storm? Continue in some, non-album update form? Turn it into a Here's-what-I-did-with-Ellis-today blog? Pictures of my home projects before and after? Lawncare with Eric Peters? Or should I let it die and cancel the whole thing altogether?

Any suggestions?

Thanks for following the making of Chrome. For you Patron Saints, your CDs are in the mail; you should receive them any second now. For everyone who pre-ordered, your CDs will go out later this week/early next week. Many thanks!