Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ad in Sept./Oct. '09 Relevant Magazine

Check out the massive ad for Chrome in the upcoming issue (with Jeff Tweedy/Wilco on the cover) of Relevant Magazine. Really amazing.

Many hatfuls of thanks to Larry of Hoboken, NJ for making this happen. Dude buys me primo ad space in a major magazine - full color no less - then treats me to dinner and a beer while he was in town on release day. I, in turn, hand him a $2 copy of Chrome in return. Seems like a weak trade to me. Grace is hard to accept, especially when you know you can't afford an equal or adequate gift in return.


Janna Barber said...

This is amazing! Very good news. Hope lots of new people see this and check you out. Thanks for the comment at RD and for creating the goods for me to review.

bret welstead said...

Awesome possum! What a cool guy to do that! I read Relevant, I'll look forward to seeing the ad (I've been looking forward to the Wilco feature for a while, too).

sd smith said...

Larry is a great guy!

That is really cool.

LSU will lose to WVU.