Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One Week

Dear you:
Chrome officially releases in one week on 8/25/09. After that, I have no idea what to do with this blog. Since I'm obviously such a prolific writer, constantly twittering, full of ceaseless, rapid-fire information regarding all manner of things, I wondered if you might have, and offer, any suggestions as to what I should do with Middle Of The Storm? Continue in some, non-album update form? Turn it into a Here's-what-I-did-with-Ellis-today blog? Pictures of my home projects before and after? Lawncare with Eric Peters? Or should I let it die and cancel the whole thing altogether?

Any suggestions?

Thanks for following the making of Chrome. For you Patron Saints, your CDs are in the mail; you should receive them any second now. For everyone who pre-ordered, your CDs will go out later this week/early next week. Many thanks!


bret welstead said...

In the near future, I think you should link to reviews of the new album, particularly the ones that describe you or your music with terms like urbane, imperturbable, uproarious, and/or rousing. :-)

In the not-as-near future, what about random pictures of you running in various locations, like on tour, or to the store, etc? We've had plenty of posts on: "See Eric record an album." Now we need some posts on: "See Eric run."

bret welstead said...

Oh, yeah, I was going to mention that I hope the CDs ship late this week! I'm leaving for a trip to CA next Thursday and it'd be awesome to have some new tunes to enjoy.

Can't wait to hear it! Later.

Chris said...

If I was one of the "Patron Saints" and still have not got the CD, should I be worried? Looking forward to hopefully getting it soon.

Eric Peters said...

i just sent you an email. let me know if you didn't get that.