Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Don't Hold Your Breath" (A Music Video)

A Florida State University film student, Patrick Gines, approached me early in 2010 about writing a commissioned song for his film thesis project, When The Waters Rise. Randomly, I was scheduled to play a concert at his home church in Tallahassee just a few days after his initial email. ("Random" never seems quite an accurate enough word for these sorts of moments.)

Patrick (director) and I met at the show where he handed me a draft of the script. With another couple of Florida concerts that weekend, I read the script and, in a Sarasota hotel room, wrote "Don't Hold Your Breath." Returning to Florida a few months later, with only a brief window of time to shoot, Patrick and I (mostly Patrick) made a music video - my first ever - in which a homeless man named "David" unequivocally steals the show.

DHYB will be on my new album, hopefully releasing in 2011. Until then, I hope you enjoy.

[Song recorded & produced by Andrew Osenga]

"Don't Hold Your Breath" by Eric Peters from Patrick Gines on Vimeo.