Saturday, July 11, 2009

Chrome Release Day & Pre-Orders!

.:: Chrome ::.

At last. Please mark your calendars, Tivos, TV trays, refrigerators, forearms, iPhones, and/or bicycles for August 25, 2009, official release day of Chrome.

Pre-order your copy today in the Goods Section.

From now until 8/25/09, you can get Chrome for $10.00 each, two copies for $15.00, or, if you order in increments of five or more, for just $8.00 each. Also, in my ongoing campaign to occupy the recently vacated Alaskan governorship, we're offering Chrome + Revenge of the Birds (1 CD + 1 book) together for $15.00. Your kids will be mesmerized by the mini-epic tale of Geolly Chester and his wily band of outer space bird-battling adventurers, and you, in turn, will have 11 new songs to dive into, surely a win-win situation.

If you are one of my Patron Saints -- by the way, it's still not too late to join the party -- you will receive your two signed copies, complete with your name in the liner notes, by/on August 11, 2009. Thank you!!

Side note: For those who prefer to purchase their music via download (as opposed to buying the physical copy), please allow me to make an artist's sales pitch: Chrome artwork/graphic design is going to be more than a little swell, thanks to the diligent, insightful and skilled artisanship of David Van Buskirk. Early on, I cast the overall album concept to David, and he ran to great lengths developing it, turning corners I didn't expect. The environmentally friendly (a.k.a, "digi pack") CD packaging further develops and illuminates the narrative of the songs themselves, precisely to which art and humanity should aspire -- tell stories to illuminate the greater Story. I'm eager for you to discover the themes in both the music and the accompanying art design, as they are complements to one another. This, I propose, is why you should purchase the physical representation of this album, not a mere download. Instantaneous digital downloads, though I purchase them myself from time to time, are cold, sterile, lifeless X's and O's, lacking a certain heart, gravitas, and are deficient in spirit. Merely my opinion. Either way, I do not yet know when the album will be available on iTunes or at other online distributors. Eventually it will make its way to these venues, but not right away.


hoekstra family said...

Very excited to hear the new music Eric! Must be a great feeling to have a release date.

Eric Peters said...

yes, indeed, mike. glad to hear you're looking forward to Chrome. here's hoping for smooth sailing the rest of the way in.

Chris said...

Looking forward to it! Looking forward to buying more and sharing with friends too. Cant wait to get the art with the music for the complete package!

Brooke said...

I'm glad there's a release date! So looking forward to "Chrome."

I'm one of your album patron saints, but I've changed my e-mail and physical address since then. Is there a way to correct my information? I know this may be the wrong place to ask, but I wasn't sure what else to do.


Eric Peters said...

thank you for making the album possible.

now is a GREAT time to update me with your new info. i've got shipping labels ready to go, so i'd love to avoid returned mail chaos. feel free to email me separately: