Monday, November 3, 2008

Let There Be Electronic Guitars

Today was an electric guitar session with Andrew Osenga. We set up shop late morning at Andy's room in Sputnik Studio where he proceeded to lend us his talents on this eve of the national election. Once again, he and Ben delved into a musical language that, in my ignorance, I simply am unable to speak. This town is fluent in the good language. I wish I had grown up hearing such discourse so that I might be more useful during these brief moments inside the sequestered world of musicians.

Andy did some really great stuff throughout the day. Five guitar-layered songs today with another day of electrics tomorrow, including some jangly 12-string electrics which will no doubt make Eric a pleased witness. Andy played several of his electric guitars throughout the day, but I didn't think to take notice of any of the specifics of guitar models (shame on me, the non-guitar geek). His pedal board, burnished in fancy, cold metal gadgetry, resembled something that might go aboard a NASA space shuttle mission: glowing red lights, buttons and gaffer tape everywhere. He and Ben work mighty well together, and I was glad that A) I got to be there, and B) that they're not jerks, nor do they seem to possess any sense of self-superiority in their work. I'm glad to know them, and also glad I ate some decent Pad Thai for lunch with Ben, Andy, Stephen Lamb and Andy Gullahorn.

Though I won't be able to take part in the entirety of tomorrow's session, I'm planning on being present until lunch at which time I'll knock off early and return home for some much-needed face time with my gentle family before they leave for Orlando for seven days on Wednesday. I have a couple of shows this weekend in Michigan and west Illinois/east Iowa. Though I'm looking forward to the shows, I do not relish the long, lonely hours in the car with only the dashboard to hear my lonely voice. I will need some good music to keep me company. Besides Ben Shive's spectacular album, The Ill-Tempered Klavier, do you any suggestions?


Chris Hubbs said...

Wait, what, you're playing in eastern Iowa? Why haven't I heard of this? Where?

bret welstead said...

JJ Heller's Painted Red is pretty good. I've also been listening to Andy Osenga's Letters to the Editor 1 & 2 and of course AP's Resurrection Letters. I saw that Derek Webb re-released Mockingbird with a special track related to today's election.

Also, have you tried The Khrusty Brothers? It's Don Chaffer solo stuff that is weird and fun.

Ashley said...

how about the walk by hanson?

yes, i'm being completely serious. and there's always patty griffin.

- ashley and bj

Eric Peters said...


Bettendorf, IA
Palmer Hills Country Club
2999 Middle Rd.

are The Khrusty Bros any relation to Herschel Krustovsky?

samuel said...

I like Romantica.

Am I too late?

Elijah Davidson said...

I totally second The Khrusty Brothers! I was going to recommend that before I even read the other comments. It's the best record I've picked up in a while. It's still on Noisetrade, I believe.