Monday, July 5, 2010

Under The Radar (Episode 86)

Recently, I staged a coup d’etat and successfully ousted democratic Under The Radar show host, Dave Trout. He never saw it coming, poor guy. When will people ever learn that democracy simply does not work. In the current Under The Radar episode (#86), I take over the reins and pick the entire show’s playlist and discuss why I like the songs and/or that artist, many of whom you might recognize.
Also, hear me perform a live version of my new, unrecorded song titled “The Old Year (of Denial)”. Under The Radar Exclusives.

Lastly, if you hurry your bones, there’s a chance to win an autographed copy of Chrome and an autographed, limited edition Eric Peters t-shirt.

Listen now.


bret welstead said...

Is that a Simpson quote I detect in there?

Eric Peters said...

Bret, I KNEW I was quoting someone, but wasn't sure who or what it was. Thanks for the insight (into my own brain).