Thursday, January 27, 2011

Under The Radar Interview & Premiere of "Don't Hold Your Breath"

Tomorrow/Friday 1/28/11, my latest studio interview with Under The Radar airs -- including a live studio performance of "These Three Remain" (Miracle of Forgetting, 2003) and the radio world premiere of "Don't Hold Your Breath," a song I recently wrote for the short film, When The Waters Rise.

Please help spread the word and share these links with friends, cohorts and flash-mob acquaintances. UTR is now airing on over 150 radio outlets, thru iTunes podcast, and on You can read a transcript of a small portion of the conversation I had with show host, Dave Trout, here.

Lastly, stay tuned for the premiere of my first-ever music video of the song, "Don't Hold Your Breath." STAY TUNED!

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Kathy Goodpastor said...

"I think I felt like my career was over at that point. When I was making this record, I was wondering if I had just invested 10-15 years of my life doing music or pursuing music just to watch it fizzle away and end."

It's heartbreaking to me to hear a "real-deal" singer/songwriter with so much to say and such a gigantic talent to say it with, struggling to be known in the music world. It just goes to show how backwards things are sometimes. I'm glad you're still here EP, writing the songs that inspire hope and make my life a little more beautiful to live. Keep on keepin' on!