Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Announcing the Release of BiRDS

Now Available

I am very pleased to announce the full release of my new album, BiRDS OF RELOCATiON!

The physical CD can now be purchased in my web store, for immediate shipping.  If you prefer a digital download, you can order through The Rabbit Room.

What people are already saying about "BiRDS OF RELOCATiON"...

"Eric has been writing great songs for a more than a decade, but his newest album, BiRDS OF RELOCATiON, feels like a much-anticipated arrival. It feels like the culmination of a life-long journey through the highs and lows of the human heart. Each time the last notes of the record fade, I feel like I've stepped back from a window, having been, for a short time, a voyeur peering into the epic, and ultimately victorious, struggle of another soul."
-- A. S. "Pete" Peterson (The Rabbit Room, author The Fiddler's Gun and Fiddler's Green)

"Eric Peters' music is at the top of what gets played around my house, in my car and while I am running. I am a big fan. He writes incredibly honest and poetic lyrics coupled with memorable pop melodies, and I can think of no better combination."
- Jill Phillips

"Eric Peters is a chronicler of his journey; he's been a faithful steward of the story God is telling through him, and this newest chapter, BiRDS of RELOCATiON, is Eric's testimony that along the way there are moments of deep joy and gratitude--they may seem brief, but they're bright, and they're worth singing about. The joy I hear on this record heralds a long and welcome peace."
- Andrew Peterson (songwriter, author The Wingfeather Saga)

"This is Eric's best record, and I've been a fan of the earlier records. "BiRDS" has a brightness to it, not a false naivete, but a fresh-breeze-after-a-storm kind of clarity. He gets bits of truth stuck in my head all day. Can't ask for more than that."
- Andrew Osenga

“Eric Peters doesn’t write songs as much as he opens up a vein and bleeds them. That’s why his songs feel more like a transfusion than anything else.  His music is most meaningful, I think, to others who have lost some blood of their own. To them his songs are life giving and saving. The more I hear Eric’s music, the more aware I am of how generous he is, always giving away every bit of hope for the journey as he finds it.”
- Jason Gray

Please send YOUR feedback to info@ericpeters.net! I will be featuring some listener comments on my web site, via Twitter and Facebook. If you are a blogger, kindly review the album and send me the link with "#BoR" as the hashtag.

Thank you all for your support, for thinking more kindly of me than perhaps I think of myself. I am a blessed soul to have this opportunity to write and sing my songs for a living. I truly hope BiRDS brings you years of enjoyment and edification. Thank you!


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