Friday, June 13, 2008

Day Two : 6/12/08

Met Ben at 10am and we looked at You Don't Have the Strength (War of Wills), a song I had written on the 5-year anniversary of 9/11. I'm not much into politics, and I certainly don't appreciate mixing politics with entertainment or the arts, but this song is certainly a political statement of sorts, though mild in proportion and not laced with bile or anti-leadership venom as seems customary and trendy these days. It is more of a statement to America on the whole and our constant waffling on foreign and domestic issues. It's not that I'm trying to be a jerk in this song, but for a mild civilian like myself, this feels like I'm screaming at the top of my lungs the way Elisha, as bald as a paved street, might have done when he called down the she-bears on those cub scouts who were mocking him in the Old Testament story (2 Kings 2:23-24). I imagine that you might one day have more questions about this song once the album is released, so perhaps we could pick back up with this topic at a later date. Besides, maybe I'll later come to realize that the song is not at all a political statement, just my way of griping at the way things are, and issuing a challenge.

We ate lunch at The Copper Kettle, a superb little meat-n-three (apparently, this is an exclusively southern dining experience). The "meat" stands for meat; sometimes pot roast, sometimes chicken, sometimes meatloaf. The "-n-three" stands for the number of sides you get; sometimes actual veggies, sometimes mashed potatoes, sometimes salad, sometimes mac & cheese. Today was yummy coconut fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. None of it is good for your arteries.

Back to the Nest where I got Ben's remarkably astute opinion on some first verse lyric changes to better set the tone for the song, In the Movies. This song is about the vices that maim and destroy marriages. This is about some friends of ours who experienced this first-hand. At some point after I'd recorded the guitar part, Ben had to edit it, whereupon I "wrote" jingle #2 ("Editing in Pro Tools"). I should start recording these jingles for posterity sake.

We knocked off early since I had to drive out to the airport to pick up Danielle and Ellis who had been gone for the better part of two weeks in Louisiana where she was taking care of her ill dad. Our house has been way too quiet and I have noticed a growing loneliness in the plaster walls of our home while they were away. It is more than good to hear their reverberations echoing throughout the house again.


Chris Hubbs said...

I'm confused. For a meat-and-three, it sounds like you only got one - mashed potatoes and gravy. Or does the gravy count by itself? And maybe the coconut on the chicken?

Your easily confused fan,

Eric Peters said...

Oh yeah, I thought about that as I was writing, but failed to clarify. I opted for the meat-and-ONE (side). Mashed potatoes w/ gravy counts as one side; always has, always will. "Meat-and-three" generally refers to any of these southern type restaurants where the person dishing out the food is wearing a plastic shower cap on their head.

bret said...

Huzzah! EP on Blogspot!

Now I can comment to my heart's content! I still can't get Wordpress to recognize me or my login. So I'm excited you're chronicling the recording process here. Can't wait to hear what you and Shive come up with!

Your Nebraskan percussion sidekick,

SteveB said...

Hi there Eric! If Bret gets to be your Nebraskan percussion sidekick, then I get to be your Vermonter demo-recording... um... recorder. So basically I'm this flute-like instrument? Hmm, I'll have to think more about this. Anyways, it's great to be reading about your adventures in album-making! You're in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us updated!