Thursday, November 10, 2011

Only seven days left to sponsor Eric Peters' new album!

Hi folks. Bear hugs and heartfelt thanks to each of you who contributed to my new album, Birds of Relocation. However, there is still quite a bit of ground to cover in order to reach the $12,000 goal by Friday 11/18/11.

 If you are not familiar with the Kickstarter platform (which I am using for this project), it observes the "all or nothing" tactic, i.e., if we don't reach the goal, then you get your money back, and I, the artist/patronee, receive $0 of what has been committed thus far to the project. Like I said, all or nothing. That's why it is key in these few remaining days to continue spreading the word via your favorite social media outlets, blogs, emails and megaphones. Any and all friendly and persuasive tactics are welcome. This is a team effort, and I welcome your continued support. Let's make this thing happen!

Lastly, my good friend and producer, Ben Shive, has generously offered his services to the Kickstarter campaign. At this newest tier, affectionately dubbed "The More Cowbell", Ben will produce, record and mix one song of yours at his studio, The Beehive, in Nashville, TN. Ben is good for the soul and good for your song. Thanks, guys! -- Eric

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