Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In the (Studio) Beginning

Hello from Nashville!
To those of you who helped fund the Kickstarter campaign for Birds of Relocation, THANK YOU! I'm fairly sure it's a poor and misguided analogy, but since the old man Moses required the assistance of his fellow countrymen to hold up his weary arms throughout the miraculous sea-turned-dry-land crossing, the analogy does have elements appropriate to the setting of my new album. Change comes necessarily, if not always on a red carpet. At times, we see its approach and turn out the indoor lights hoping it will get the hint and go away. Even if it doesn't clue in, we at least trust it will have the common decency to wipe its feet on the welcome mat before entering. Whether or not we welcome it is of unimportance and non-negotiable; either way, it comes and we must respond. In better words, each of you has helped ease the very real and large financial burden by holding up my arms. Gush, gush.
I wanted to let you know that Ben (Shive, producer) and I have started work on the album. We've recorded acoustic guitars, drums (Will Chapman), bass (Brent Milligan), and some keys on seven songs thus far. A really good beginning to what I hope will be a mighty enjoyable record. Due to December schedules, he and I won't pick back up with recording until early 2012. In the meantime, I have songs to write/finish.

Some of you have asked - and many more are probably wondering - What does your title, "Birds of Relocation" mean?, and Why are they relocating? In a freak moment of actually rising to the occasion, I recently wrote about this very subject trying my best to explain my reasoning and the overall themes of BoRe here: The Meaning of a Title

Lastly, I thought you might like to see a few innocuous photos I've taken at Ben's studio (The Beehive) during these initial stages of our work together. Stay tuned for more updates, feeble Old Testament analogies, and philosophical meanderings. Thanks, guys! Hope your Thanksgiving was superb, and your Advent and/or Christmas season is nothing shy of a gift.


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