Thursday, March 1, 2012

BGVs, How I Love (Singing) Thee

After finishing singing all the lead/main vocals some time last week, I have begun singing BGVs (BackGround Vocals) on the album (still titled BiRDS OF RELOCATION).

This is the stage of record-making that is, in my opinion, absolutely magical. Drums and bass are fine and dandy, electric guitars and keys are rich beauties, but, for me, layered vocals, sometimes thick, sometimes sparse, padded oohs and aahs are where I'll put my money every time. I am thoroughly enjoying this opportunity to be challenged as a tenor male, as you are about to hear.

This is an example from today's work in the studio: you're hearing just the main vocal and BGVs/harmonies isolated and "acapella." This is the outro to a new song, "Fighting For Life." The guy at the helm is Andy Gullahorn, one of my favorite songwriters.

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Elizabeth Kirkwood said...

Gorgeous... O.O

BGVs are by far some of my favorite things in songs.