Sunday, March 11, 2012

BiRDS OF RELOCATION Digital Release Day MARCH 27

So pleased and excited to announce that the new album, BiRDS OF RELOCATION (produced by Ben Shive), will digitally release on Tuesday March 27 with physical copies to follow (TBA). I'm very excited for you to hear this album.

Though I'm still working on the final song order, I thought you would at least like to see the song titles:
The Old Year
Don't Hold Your Breath
Soul and Flesh
Where Would I Go
Lost and Found
Different, Separate Lives
Today Dream
No Stone Unturned
Summer of '69 (Not really. That's a catchy Bryan Adams song, though.)
The New Year
Fighting for Life

More info to come on pre-orders, touring, physical CD release. Stay tuned. THANKS and spread the word.

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